Review: Read to Know the Legitimacy of This Website, Is it Safe or Another Scam?

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So, In this article, we are discussing a new website Cranehest which is claiming to sell different tablewares. Sometimes, getting party tableware at modest costs is a very hard task. Therefore, numerous online e-stores are selling things for event preparations on the web, this is the place where comes in.

What is

So, claims it is an online store that sells expendable gathering cups and straws. Hence, Cranehast is a site that offers expendable tableware for occasions. It sells bundles of savoring straws in numerous tones for different events, like weddings, birthday events, parties, and so forth. Thus there are 25 pieces in a single bundle.

Specifications of

  • Website :
  • Email:
  • Contact Number: (478) 501-2476
  • Office Address: 604 Yarmouth Lane, Baltimore, Maryland 21228, United States
  • Payment Methods: Paypal & USPS
  • Shipping Time: 2 to 5 Business Days
  • Delivery Charges: Free delivery
  • Refund Policy: Cranehast will not refund but you can exchange items.
  • Domain registration date: 04-03-2021
  • Returns: within 14 days of receiving the package. 
  • Cancellation: Not available.


  • Free shipping
  • All contact details available
  • HTTPS certification


  • The domain is too new
  • No customer reviews available
  • No Social media presence
  • Limited items available on the site
  • There is no exchange and cancel service

Customer Reviews

So, even after broad exploration, we were unable to discover Cranehast reviews anyplace on the web. Although it’s another store having no audits causes this store seems like a trick. Yet, since it is ten days old and each organization needs some advancement time, we should give it a brief period to fill in the web world.

Is Legit?

Cranehast doesn’t have the attributes of an authentic online store. Moreover, it utilizes a false location, counterfeit telephone number, and offers its items at costs that are unrealistic. Also, it has not given a working web-based media page or has confided in seals that vouch for its genuineness.

Final Verdict

In short, we do not recommend purchasing this item from their site. So we propose you purchase from a major commercial center like AMAZON. If you previously got it if it’s not too much trouble, share your audit and help other people.

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