Reviews – Best Place to Shop Women’s Clothes? Or a Scam Website?

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Do you get sick of wearing the same every day classics in your closet? Are you looking for a new website where you can buy stylish clothes? Today, we have a new website called for you!  

Melelly Reviews and all its details will be discussed in this article. This review will assist you in verifying the credibility of this site, as many people from all around the globe are interested in it.

melelly women clothing

Best Items On Amazon

Norma Kamali Women's Long Sleeve Crew Top
Norma Kamali Women’s Long Sleeve Crew Top
NYDJ Women's Petite Size 3/4 Sleeve Pintuck Blouse
NYDJ Women’s Petite Size 3/4 Sleeve Pintuck Blouse
Alex Evenings Women's Wide Leg Dress Pant (Petite Regular Plus Sizes)
Alex Evenings Women’s Wide Leg Dress Pant (Petite Regular Plus Sizes)
IBKUL Women's Sun Protective UPF 50+ Cooling Solid Long Sleeve Mock Neck Top 80000
IBKUL Women’s Sun Protective UPF 50+ Cooling Solid Long Sleeve Mock Neck Top 80000

What is Melelly and how does it Work?

Shopping on the internet is always risky, and you’re never sure if you’re making the right decision. Many online e-commerce businesses with appealing clothing lines, accessories, shoes, and purses are now giving substantial discounts. Melelly, for example, is one of these!

According to our study on this website, it is an online shopping platform situated in the United States. This website sells women’s clothes and outfits. Sweaters, shirts, informal dresses, two-piece sets, and many other stylish apparel items are offered on the internet.

Melelly delivers ready-to-wear direct to consumers from their incredible factories. By cutting out the middlemen and the associated expenses, they have been able to maintain high quality and style requirements while keeping pricing reasonable.

This website’s domain was registered two months ago. We also discovered that the website is active on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.



  • The website sells things that appear to be of decent quality.
  • On the website, you can view a wide range of products.
  • This website manages Facebook and Instagram accounts.
  • We discovered some positive consumer feedback for this website.
  • In the United States, free shipping is also available.


  • This website’s domain is barely two months old right now.
  • This website had a poor trust rating.
  • If you cancel your order, you will be charged a 10% cancellation fee.

Is Melelly a legitimate company? What are the Signs?

Do you have any information about the validity of this new website?

It is critical to obtain all website-related information. As a result, you may rest easy knowing that the website is secure and not a scam. Read the following points to determine the site’s legitimacy.

Melelly Publishing Date And Policies is a very new domain, having been registered on July 6, 2021. This site’s trust rank is 38.7%, which isn’t particularly high, but it’s adequate for a new website. On Facebook and Instagram, the website is popular and engaged.

Customers are drawn to it because it offers free shipping in the United States. On the internet, we discovered some positive Melelly reviews.

Fake McAfee Trust Seal

However, on its Checkout page, it has a fake McAfee trust seal symbol. As a result, if you shop on this venue, your financial and personal data, including credit card numbers, may be stolen. So, it is recommended to stay careful while shopping online.

The pros and technicalities of outgrow its cons any day, indicating that this website is not a scam.

Customer Reviews

 Let’s have a look at the customer reviews and feedback for this website. While looking for information on this website, we came across several positive evaluations left by satisfied consumers on a review platform.

The bulk of the evaluations mentioned positive aspects of this website. These reviews might help you figure out whether a website is legitimate or not. So, relying on Melelly Reviews and several other positive aspects of this website, we may conclude that it is possibly legitimate.

A potential client Lisa exclaims, “I can’t believe it was shipped in 14 days, that’s incredible!  Soft and comfy, true to size, and adorable!!”

Elizabeth, another customer, comments, “I love this dress! Very good content! The lovely floral pattern is also incredibly comfortable to wear! In the future, I’ll be purchasing more!”

Best Items On Amazon

R&M Richards Women's Two Piece Metalic Rib Pant Set Missy
R&M Richards Women’s Two Piece Metalic Rib Pant Set Missy
Adrianna Papell Women's Knit Crepe Cowl Neck Jumpsuit
Adrianna Papell Women’s Knit Crepe Cowl Neck Jumpsuit
S.L. Fashions Women's Solid Chiffon Halter Dress (Petite and Regular)
S.L. Fashions Women’s Solid Chiffon Halter Dress (Petite and Regular)
Columbia Women's Kruser Ridge Ii Softshell
Columbia Women’s Kruser Ridge Ii Softshell

What Country is Melelly from? How is its Return and Exchange Policy?

Melelly products are made, stored, and shipped in the USA. Customer reviews show that Melelly has a good quality control level. However, because they want to make sure that all the things they ship are in pristine condition, a refund or exchange request is inevitable.

They advise that you inspect your delivery as soon as it arrives. If there is a broken item, a lost item, or an inaccurate item in the delivery, please notify right away to avoid any inconvenience.

They have provided a valid email address and phone number, which is highly responsive at all times.

What is the Process of Ordering? Is it Easy?

Yes, the ordering process as mentioned on the Website appears to be relatively easy. If you entered a legitimate e-mail address during the checkout process, you would receive an e-mail confirming your online purchase, shipping method, and overall sum to be billed to your credit card immediately.

Melelly makes sure to clarify that when you place an order, they authorize the value of the order to authenticate your credit card; your credit card will be charged between 3 days. If the availability of a specific product varies after your credit card has been billed, they will offer a refund for the inaccessible product.

The Bottom Line

Based on our investigation of this website, we can observe that it has a lot of positive aspects. This website appears to be legitimate. However, because this is a recently founded website with a low trust level, you should conduct your own research and examine the Melelly Reviews before purchasing anything from it.

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