Flinycloth.com Reviews – Best in Embroidered Casual Summer Dresses, Shirts, Tops and Accessories?

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Nowadays working women don’t have the time to go out and buy things for themselves as they could in the past. Thus online shopping has become more like a daily activity.

Regardless of a few flaws, it has become very popular. GSI Commerce survey on online shopping shows that half of the consumers prefer shopping for fashion clothing and accessories online to purchasing them offline.

With the rapid increase in the use of technology, many businesses have shifted from the traditional method of selling goods to selling them online.

These business use the internet as a vehicle to carry out their transactions.

Online stores offer various benefits with convenience being on top. There are no space constraints and various products can be displayed on the website without worrying about other brands’ product’s placement.

Online shopping is great for analytical buyers because they can buy the best product after a good research.

When it comes to dresses and accessories for women, some of the top online shopping stores include Amazon, AliExpress, eBay and Forever 21. Because of the intense competition amongst the ecommerce giants, the people get quality products at great prices as well.

Comparative shopping makes it convenient for the customers to make the most out of their hard earned money. FlinyCloth is another company making its way into the digital business world. We’ve carried out a critical and a technical review on the company to let you decide whether it’s worth spending your time on.

What is Flinycloth.com? What Are They Selling?

What is Flinycloth

Flinycloth.com is one of the leading suppliers of women clothes, accessories, shoes and lingerie.

Flinycloth keeps in mind comfort and latest fashion trends when it comes to customer demands and satisfaction.

Great quality products are available at a very reasonable price for customers all around the globe. The designers affiliated with flinycloth are very talented and that’s why new designs are available almost every day.

Over the years, its sale has increased more than 3 folds and it’s only because of the safe transactions they offer and their orientation for customer satisfaction. Flinycloth offers a quick-and-easy online purchasing process in addition to offering all the clients a dedicated and knowledgeable customer service team.

Flinycloth offers a quick-and-easy online purchasing process in addition to offering all of the clients a dedicated and knowledgeable customer service team.

Tested Trust Marketing and PayPal payment processes guarantee a safe and secure purchasing environment as mentioned on the website. They provide thousands of dedicated products for global buyers.



  • Saves Time
  • 24/7 Availability
  • Tracking Feature Available
  • Some Discounts on products
  • Makes it easier to send gifts


  • Delay in some circumstances
  • Images may vary
  • Shipping cost

Does it Really Flinycloth Saves Time while shopping?

Clients do not have to stand in long queues when they are buying products. Products are just a click away. They don’t have to travel to reach the shop which saves their time as well as fuel.

Product Items are Available 24/7?

All the products offered by flinycloth are available for shopping 24/7

How is Flinycloth Order Tracking System?

Clients can keep a track of the online status as well as delivery status

Does it Offer Discounts?

Due to elimination of maintenance, real-estate cost, flinycloth is able to sell the products with attractive discounts.

Sending Gifts Facility Available?

Both packing and delivery are done for you and you can send it to anyone in the whole world.

Some point about Dissadvantages

  • Delay in some circumstances – Although the process of selecting and purchasing takes less than 15 minutes, the product may take from 1 week to 3 weeks to reach the customer. 
  • Images may vary – People like to visit physical stores and prefer to have close examination of good, though it consumes time. The electronic images vary from physical appearance when people buy goods based on electronic images.
  • Shipping cost for global delivery may be higher than the product itself.

Is Flinycloth.com Legit or Scam?

After thorough research, I have concluded that flinycloth is a scam website. They have almost zero reviews and that’s because they take off the negative reviews from their website.

Reason 1: Most of the customers have voiced their opinions on their own pages where they include their horrible experience with flinycloth.

Reason 2: Products shown in the images are not the same as the products received by most customers.

Reason 3: Products are either defected pieces or are of very low quality.

Reason 4: Their customer service is not the same as mentioned on the website. Many people even complained about not receiving the products at all.

What Are Their Refund Policies?

Flinycloth offers return and exchange policies for their products. Customers can apply for a return within 14 days from purchasing date.

  • Customers are charged shipping cost once (Only during the initial buying – Afterwards if they decide to return it or get it exchanged, they are not charged for this).
  • Some products are customized. That’s why they can only be returned if there is a visible defect in them.
  • The product must be in original packing for it to be returned/exchanged.
  • Orders can only be cancelled within 24 hours of purchasing the product. After 24 hours, 15% cancellation fee is applied.

However there are some items that can’t be returned or exchanged. They include:

  • Sale items
  • Swimwear and Lingerie

How to Contact FlinyCloth?

Email: service@flinycloth.com

flinycloth address
address mentioned on flinycloth.com (fake)

Here’s another off thing about flinycloth, they can only be reached through their email address.

They don’t have any contact number or official designated number.

An address is mentioned on their website but most customers say that they don’t have a legitimate office. So email is the only luck – if they choose to respond.

Final Verdict

The site doesn’t have enough reviews, so it isn’t on the whole correct to comment it counterfeit, however as indicated by the study of another site, it is considered scam.

Flinycloth is absent in any web-based social networking sites which is odd in this era.

Customers complain about them being irresponsive of their complaints and blocking them in order to avoid contact.

The address mentioned on their website isn’t legitimate and has just been added a few days ago.

Their website has been launched only 3 months ago. The older the website, the more you can trust it. Their Website has only 1 domain authority. For trusted websites, domain authority is very high. 1 domain authority shows that it is not trusted by Google and yahoo itself. So, I will not recommend buying from Flinycloth at all.


  1. Beautiful designs. Just purchased several items and felt rushed throughout the process. Would have shopped for more items but the shopping cart wouldn’t allow for more time.

      1. And if you do get them they will be cheap copies of what you ordered. I ordered a 22$ dress, got some horrible piece of printed on cheap fabric. They offered me a 2$ refund. They are a scam

  2. Can you guys not read? The article says its a scam.
    I contacted them asking for an address. and they refused to give me one. They said “united stated.” I did a reverse image search and saw their clothing was stolen from other websites. I then shared my story on their facebook page and they blocked me. Don’t buy from them.

  3. I ordered on April 14th and now it is May 21st and I still have no delivery notice. I asked to have my order cancelled since they have not shipped it yet and they told me it was already “dispatched” so they could not cancel it. Even so, they could not provide a tracking number. How to hold them accountable for receiving my payment?

  4. I bought 3 tops on April 15th. Today is June 17th. I never received my order. I have to go to my bank and cancel the charge on my credit card and hope the company does not charge anything else to my card.

  5. Don’t order from this copy. They obviously stole images off of a legit website with nice clothing but then sent me very cheap and crappy substitutes or very low quality. I also waited 3 months to get them. The sweater that I ordered, I won’t even be able to wear because it’s such low quality that the whiter inside is showing at the collar. The grey embroidered t shirt that looks so nice on the website was a flimsy, synthetic material that is not embroidered but printed. It’s super ugly. The jewelry looks really nice on the website but when I received it, it’s super cheap and ugly crap. I can’t even try to explain how bad these products are. I was only able to keep 1 of the 3 shirts that I ordered. The rest I donated to a thrift store because I know I’ll never get a refund from this scammy company.

    I emailed them, demanding a refund, but I never got an answer. I probably won’t.

    I’m sure this company isn’t in England either – probably in China.

  6. Total scam! The photos used to advertise their products are from other legitimate clothing companies, I received clothes made of cheap polyster fabric with a printed design not embroidered like the photos showed.

  7. you are a scam!!!!! Where are my cloths that I ordered on August 11th… NO company has 100% positive comments….

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